Web Series

The Journey of Documentary is a web series about the evolution of documentary.
 This web series features interviews from award-winning filmmakers, academics and screen media experts collaborating on all things documentary. Each webisode contains advice, knowledge and personal insights from experts in their chosen field.

Episode 1  Making Documentary Games with Robert Connolly
Robert Connolly is the writer and director of the feature films THE BANK (2001), THREE DOLLARS (2005), BALIBO (2009) and most recently wrote and directed UNDERGROUND – THE JULIAN ASSANGE STORY (2012). He was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal in the 2001 Queen’s New Years Honours List for his services to Australian society and Australian film production.   In this interview, Robert talks about docu-games and his process making the prototype for Warco.  This episode features 3 webisodes.

Episode 2  Cross-platform Documentaries with Sue Maslin
Sue Maslin is an award-winning screen producer with credits including the feature films ROAD TO NHILL (1997), JAPANESE STORY (2003), winner of 26 international awards.  She has also produced many feature documentaries as well as a number of interactive documentaries which include WILLIAM BLIGH (2006), RE-ENCHANTMENT – an interactive journey into the hidden meanings of fairy tales (2011), and RE-KINDLING VENUS (2011), a mobile phone and web-based Augmented Reality work with visual artist Lynette Wallworth.  In this interview, Sue shares her insights to working in the cross-platform arena.  The episode features 4 webisodes.

Episode 3  Self Distribution with Bob Connolly
Bob Connolly an award-winning director and producer of more than 35 documentaries reveals how he self-distributed his latest documentary MRS CAREY’S CONCERT (2011) which he co-directed with Sophie Raymond and the lessons he learned along the way.  This episode features 3 webisodes.

Episode 4 Observational Documentaries with Tom Zubrycki
Tom Zubrycki is an Australian filmmaker whose award-winning documentaries have earned him an international reputation.  He works mainly in observational documentary and his films are narrative-based and strongly character driven.  In this interview, Tom talks about his process and preparation as he goes into production.  He also talks about the importance of privileged access and respecting his subjects privacy during production.

Episode 5 Defining the Docu-Drama with Alan Rosenthal
Alan Rosenthal is an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Jerusalem, with a focus on making history/political documentaries and docudramas.  Alan is also an author of numerous books on documentary filmmaking of which include, Writing Directing & Producing Documentary, New Challenges for Documentary, Writing Docudrama: Dramatizing Reality for Film & TV, The Documentary Conscience: A casebook in filmmaking.  In this interview Alan shares his methodology and process for making docudramas using his latest film, THE FIRST FAGIN (2012) as a case study,  he openly expresses his views and insights into defining a docudrama.  This episode features 7 webisodes.

Episode 6  Indie Filmmaking with Alby Mangels
Alby Mangels
is one of the pioneers of adventure documentaries, shares his passion for life which led him to make World Safari 1 & 2 and over 70 documentaries which sold worldwide.  In this interview, Alby talks openly about his life, his amazing journey, and his current work. Truly an inspirational man this episode features 4 webisodes.

Episode 7  Webisodes with Mike Jones
Mike Jones has a great variety of skills ranging from writing, script development, technical production, museum exhibitions, documentary and research into screen culture and practice. He is also the recipient of the NSW Outstanding Service Award for Teaching. With over 200 published essays, articles and reviews and several books for students of screen media Mike talk to us about what exactly is a webisode, how a web-series is made and the skills needed to make a webisode.  The episode features 3 webisodes.

Episode 8  Producing Transmedia Documentaries with Dr. Christy Dena
Christy Dena
 specializes in the design and production of trans/cross-media projects.She designs, writes and directs transmedia projects and is currently developing her own creative projects and web entertainment services.  She also has a Ph.D. and is the author of the thesis titled: Transmedia Practice. In this interview, Christy discusses how Transmedia can be utilised and integrated into a documentary and how to engage your audiences. This episode features 5 webisodes.

Episode 9  The Culture of Producers and Producing with Deb Verhoeven
Deb Verhoeven is currently Professor and Chair of Media and Communication at Deakin University, writer, broadcaster, film critic and commentator, she is the author of more than 30 journal articles and book chapters.  In this episode, Deb talks about ‘the art of being productive: Strategies versus Tactics and which approach is most productive for producers working in a convergent media space.

Episode 10  Producing Documentary Games with Paul Callaghan
Paul Callaghan is a freelance writer and independent game developer who has worked in the games industry since 1998 as a programmer, designer, writer, and teacher.  In this interview, Paul talks about gaming in the documentary, the process of making a docu game and how to connect your audiences to your game.  This episode features 4 webisodes.

Episode 11  The Social Media Documentary with Dr. Colin Perry
Dr. Colin Perry is the course leader of the Bachelor of Screen Production at Holmesglen Institute in Victoria, who has also worked as a director, editor, and producer for television commercials and cable television programs. Colin has a Ph.D. of which his thesis is titled; Narrativization of actuality: convergence of form and genre in film and television. In this interview, Colin talks to us about the revolution of social media, the power of social media and where he sees the future of documentary heading.  This episode features 7 webisodes.

Episode 12  Social Media Marketing with Robyn Logan
Robyn Logan
 is the founder & Executive Director of International Coach Academy and has been working in the online space for over 11 years. In this episode, she shares her knowledge of how to use social media to create awareness for your project and the benefits of working in the online space.  She also provides some valuable insights and models when working with social media tools. This episode features 6 webisodes.

Episode 13  Making a Doco using a Mobile Device with Shoni Ellis
Shoni Ellis, is a leading expert in mobile media and technologies and is the director of Twiggd, a social media, and mobile devices company.   Her expertise is as a user experience designer working in the mobile device space.  She has created experiences for art galleries, museums, and zoos. In this interview, Shoni expands on the opportunities that documentaries can access using mobile devices. The episode features 4 webisodes.

Episode 14  Experimental Filmmaking with Amiel Courtin Wilson has been making films for over 15 years, he makes films that allow him to grow as a person and expand his artistic awareness. He experiments and uses mediums in his films that create interesting textures and visually engaging images. In this interview, he shares his processes.

Episode 15  Producing Radio Documentaries with Dr. Colm McNaughton a radio documentary producer and recipient of the Walkley Award-winning and most recently won the United Nations Association of Australia Peace Prize for his documentary La Frontera talks about the importance of radio documentaries.

Episode 16 Journalism Reporting with Matt Jasper cameraman and editor for Channel 4 News UK. Based in Bangkok covering Asia discusses the workings of being a foreign correspondent and working in war zones.

Upcoming interviews:

Ruth Cullen – The Observational Documentary

Marcus Gillezeau – 3D Documentary

Steve Thomas – Ethics in Documentary

Helen Gaynor – The Documentary series

Robyn Hughes – The Art of the interview

I would like to thank the generosity of the filmmakers and interactive experts who have contributed to creating awareness and insights into areas of their expertise via these interviews.  Thank you for your openness and honesty and very valuable advice.

Produced, written, directed and edited by Atalanti Dionysus.