Sue Maslin

Crossplatform w/ Sue Maslin

Sue Maslin is an award winning screen producer with credits including the feature films The Dressmaker (2016)Road to Nhill (1997), Japanese Story (2003), winner of 26 international awards. She has also produced feature documentaries including Celebrity: Dominick Dunne (2008) and Hunt Angels (2006), Michael Kirby – Don’t Forget the Justice Bit (2010), A Mirror to the People (2000), The Highest Court (1998), The Edge of the Possible (1998), to name a few.

Sue has also produced a number of interactive documentaries including William Bligh (2006), Re-Enchantment – an interactive journey into the hidden meanings of fairy tales (2011), and, most recently, Re-Kindling Venus (2011), a mobile phone and web-based Augmented Reality work with visual artist Lynette Wallworth.

Topics: What is a Cross-Platform Documentary?, New Skills for Producers, Different platforms different projects, What comes first the idea or the platform?

Topics: Opportunities through partnerships

Topics: How does Cross-Platform change the way a Documentary is made?,  The importance of producers moving into the digital space, Collaborations and the Digital Producer, Challenges for Producers working in the digital space

Topics: Managing your content, Notion of Authorship and Creativity in the digital environment, Advice for Emerging Filmmakers