Robyn Logan

Robyn Logan is the founder and executive director of International Coach Academy.  In this interview Robyn reveals some very insightful and innovative ways of using and engaging with social media.

Topics:  What is Social Media, How important is using Social Media for documentary filmmakers?, How should filmmakers be using it?

Topics:  Using tools which are effectively used in the Social Media space, Learning about Social Media marketing? Where and how to start education on using Social Media

Topics:  How the internet has changed the way we do business, How powerful is Social Media, Some ways in which filmmakers can start engaging with Social Media platforms, The Backlinking Strategy

Topics:  How to get audiences engaging with content, Building a Community around your project, Are filmmakers asking audiences the right questions, Marketing your project to the world

Topics:  What stops filmmakers using Social Media to create awareness

Topics:  Advice for filmmakers embarking on the Social Media pathway