The Resources below provide links to funding bodies that support documentaries around the world.

The Documentary Australia Foundation is a private philanthropic initiative that aims to inspire and nurture partnerships between philanthropic grantmakers, charities and documentary filmmakers.


Philanthropy Australia is the national peak body for philanthropy and is a non-profit membership organisation.

Film Victoria

Film Victoria is the State Government agency that provides funding for film and tv projects.


ScreenWest is Western Australia’s screen funding and development agency, committed to working in partnership with the screen industry to develop, support and promote film, television and digital media production in Western Australia.

South Australian Film Corporation
The purpose of the South Australian Film Corporation is to empower the South Australian screen production industry to achieve success. Through a range of industry development and production programs and funding initiatives.

Screen Tasmania
Screen Tasmania provides loans, grants and equity investments in the development, production and marketing of Tasmanian screen projects, including short films, drama, documentaries, feature films, TV series and digital media.

ABC TV Documentary

ABC TV Documentaries pays a licence fee for the free to air television rights to a program.

Serious Games

ABC Serious Games Initiative

Screen Australia

Screen Australia offers funds for the development, production and marketing of Australian screen content, as well as for the development of Australian talent and screen production businesses.

Shark Island Documentary Fund

Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation
Funding independent documentary filmmakers from the UK and around the world.

CROWD FUNDING INITIATIVES for documentaries, mobile apps

A funding platform for creative projects 


APPSFUNDER – Crowdfunding for Mobile Apps

Rocket Hub – crowdfunding for creative projects


Start Next
Germany’s largest crowdfunding platforms for creatives projects.

An angel investor is an individual or company who provides capital for a business start-up usually in exchange for equity ownership. They could come in handy if you were developing a documentary across different platforms for example, gaming, mobile devices, interactive website.

Australian Investment Network