Alby Mangels

Indie-filmmaking w/ Alby Mangels

Alby Mangels the pioneer of Adventure documentaries, took us all on his World Safari adventures, risking his life at times to provide us with some extraordinary footage never seen before. This interview with Alby Mangels was conducted over the telephone as he was in a very remote part of the world.  It was very enlightening as he opened up his world to us.  He is connected to the land and the people that live on it, giving them and the land the respect they deserve.  He was first an explorer and then a documentary filmmaker.  Be introduced to Alby again or meet him for the first time via this interview.  You will never forget him.

Topic – ‘I did it my way’

Topic – ‘Bringing it altogether’

Topic – ‘Alby’s Life of Freedom’

Topic – ‘Advice for Emerging Filmmakers’

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