Alan Rosenthal

Docu-dramas w/ Alan Rosenthal

Alan Rosenthal is an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Jerusalem, with a focus of making history/political documentaries and docudramas. He was educated at Oxford and Stanford Universities, and is now a Professor of Communications at the Hebrew University (Jerusalem), York University (Toronto) and Stanford University. Alan is also an author of numerous books on documentary filmmaking of which include, Writing Directing & Producing Documentary, New Challenges for Documentary, Writing Docudrama:Dramatizing Reality for Film & TV, The Documentary Conscience: A casebook in filmmaking.

In this interview Alan shares his methodology and process for making docudramas using his latest film, The First Fagin as an example as he openly expresses his views and insights into defining a docudrama.

Topic: Defining the Docu-Drama


Topics: How the craft of documentary has changed, Inspirational documentary filmmakers


Topic: Production Methodology

Topics: Accidental Docu-Dramas, The Making of ‘Fagin’

Topic: Alan Rosenthal’s views on social media

Topic: Why Alan Rosenthal writes books

Topics: Advice for emerging filmmakers, Working in the middle east